Fat for Cash
Fat for Cash
Fat for Cash
Piling on the pounds
We're often being told about the health problems associated with obesity, but are there are any upsides to being significantly overweight? Well, according to this documentary, it can be a nice little earner.
Fat for Cash meets the women who are piling on the pounds in every sense, thanks to men with a taste for larger ladies. Jen from Boston weighs 30 stone, but she's deliberately gaining more to satisfy the internet admirers who will pay to watch her getting on the scales or trying to get a measuring tape around her thighs.
Former plus-size model Samee has also identified a gap in the market for larger pole-dancers, and is promoting her own Las Vegas club night called Thick Sundaes, where big, beautiful women can strut their stuff in front of a very appreciative crowd.
Meanwhile, at 40 stone, Christina is virtually immobile, but she's still able to cash in as she starts her own subscription website.
As Fat for Cash discovers, it's a way of life that comes with serious risks, but these three women remain proud of their bulk, as well as the financial and sexual empowerment that comes with it.