Dan Snow's History of Congo
Dan Snow's History of Congo
Dan Snow's History of Congo
There will be snow in Africa
Although he made his TV debut co-presenting a programme about El Alamein with his newsreader dad Peter, Dan Snow has gone on to be a successful presenter in his own right - and his shows have become increasingly ambitious.
This documentary might be his most challenging yet as it sees Dan behind the British battlefields and trains he has reported on in the past and heading to the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the wildest, most colourful and anarchic places on the planet. In theory, it should also have been one of the richest because of its natural resources, yet instead the country has been blighted by poverty - and the historian wants to find out why.
He discovers that its current problems can be traced back to a troubled history that takes in slavery, colonialism, corruption and war.
He also finds out that some people have been able to profit from the Congo, including Britain, which drew on the region's resources and people to build up its own wealth.