The Americans
The Americans
The Americans
States of fear
After five weeks of watching Phillip and Elizabeth killing people, beating other folk up and sending covert messages back to their Soviet homeland, it did seem obvious that sooner or later, the authorities would catch up with them - especially as their neighbour Stan is an FBI agent.
So it shouldn't come as a surprise to see them both being kidnapped and accused of being KGB spies this week, although their captors are not quite what they seem.
What's more, Elizabeth lets slip that she feels that Phillip likes living in the US a little too much; he sees that as a betrayal that could cause him problems further down the line.
Meanwhile, Stan tries to protect Nina, his informant at the Soviet embassy, who is convinced her cover is about to be blown by her colleagues who are looking for a traitor in their midst. Maybe framing somebody else on the staff will work...